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Common Question about Palatal Expander

WHY IS MY CHILD BEING TREATED WITH AN EXPANDER?  The upper jaw is normally slightly wider than the lower jaw.  This allows the upper teeth to guide the cheek away from the teeth and prevent cheek biting.  It also allows for proper function of the teeth during chewing and speaking.  When the top jaw is smaller than the lower jaw a crossbite occurs.    



  • Often the expander is turned every night or every other night (Please follow the instructions given to you by Dr. Najirad).
  • If you forget to do a turn do NOT give extra turns to “catch-up.” Just continue to follow the prescribed schedule.
  • Stop turning the appliance after you have completed the number of turns recommended by Dr. Najirad.
  • You may experience some pressure (that feels like a sinus headache) after turning the appliance. This is normal and a good sign!
  • You may start to see a space opening between your front teeth – another good sign that the appliance is working!
  • Make sure to brush all around the appliance and swish with water after eating to loosen any food stuck around it.
  • Avoid very sticky foods (gum, caramel, taffy, etc) which may loosen the expander.
  • If the expander feels loose please call our office and stop turning the appliance.



HOW LONG DOES MY CHILD NEED TO WEAR THE EXPANDER? The expander will be turned until the upper arch becomes wider than the lower arch.  Then the expander screw will be stabilized and the appliance will now be a passive retainer for the expansion that was just achieved during the active stage of treatment.  This stabilization stage will last about 3 months and allows the bone to remodel.  Then the expander will be removed. 

CAN WE DO THE EXPANDER LATER, WHEN MY CHILD IS A TEENAGER? Orthopedic jaw change can only be accomplished in younger, growing patients.

We will be happy to arrange a Free Consultation for you in order to get all the information you need to know

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