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Some orthodontic emergencies can be handled over the telephone.  Instructions can often be given by telephone at My Smile Orthodontics to relieve a patient’s discomfort until Dr. Zahra Najirad will be able to get this patient in for a scheduled appointment.  Some of these remedies are:
  • Clipping poking wire with nail clippers
  • Using orthodontic wax to stabilize a loose bracket or alleviate pain from wire
  • Rinsing with warm salt water to help with sore gums
  • If a smaller wire is poking you (not the main archwire), push the end of the wire toward your teeth with either your finger or pencil eraser.  This will move the wire away from your lip or cheek.  You can also put wax over the wire as well.
  • If the wire has come out of the last bracket, you can try to put it back into the tube by directing it with a tweezer.  If the archwire has slid around to one side try using a tweezer to slide it back to it’s original position.
For those patients who are in pain, My Smile Orthodontics will always do whatever is necessary to see these patients as soon as possible.  Patients should know when they are being squeezed into our schedule, so that they are prepared to wait.  Also, patients should be advised that the purpose of this emergency appointment is to relieve their discomfort only – we cannot always guarantee that we will be able to repair whatever has come loose or is broken.  An additional appointment may be necessary to do this repair. A telephone number is available on our answering machine for after-hours emergencies. When the clinic is not operating during holiday periods, a schedule of times where staff members are available for emergencies will be established and/or another orthodontist will be engaged to act as emergency back-up.  In this latter case, only true emergencies should be referred out.

We will be happy to arrange a Free Consultation for you in order to get all the information you need to know

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