My Smile Orthodontics uses revolutionary three-dimensional scanning technology to record your teeth and study how they fit together. The scans will be used by your orthodontist to study your bite, your smile, and to plan your orthodontic treatment. The scanner is compact and simple to use!

iTero Technology in Richmond Hill, ON

Before your treatment begins at My Smile Orthodontics, Dr. Najirad has to perform a comprehensive assessment to understand the current status of your smile to be able to plan an individualized care to guarantee optimal results at every step of your orthodontic journey. In the past, a universal method was used to capture the measurements or to take a physical impression by using trays and placing a putty-like material in the mouth. Needless to say that many patients found this technique very uncomfortable. On the other hand, the results were more likely to lack accuracy and efficacy. More recently, a remarkably improved alternative has become available which provides enhanced precision and comfort.

At My Smile Orthodontics we are proud to provide the latest digital impression technology to our clients as follows: iTero

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Below is the link for the iTero Scanner we use at My Smile Orthodontics for more information.

iTero Element® scanner

Where your new smile begins

The iTero Imaging Process

iTero is a much superior alternative as compared to traditional techniques. It eliminates redundant materials and creates a more relaxing and pleasant environment for patients. iTero is clearly the preferred method in younger individuals and those with sensitive gag reflex, who may not tolerate the goopy materials long enough to capture precise impressions and measurements.  

With iTero scanner, Dr. Najirad uses a small wand that easily fits into the mouth and leans over teeth, one at a time, capturing photos and downloading them into our digital system to define the anatomy. In just a few minutes, our experienced team generates the photographic appearance of your smile which will be shown to you on the chairside monitor while Dr Najirad will discuss the therapeutic options.

The iTero Advantages

This state of the art technology has many benefits for our patients including but not limited to:


  • iTero scanner provides accurate measurements for traditional braces, Invisalign and orthodontic appliances, drastically reducing the chances of being called back for a redo which saves our clients their valuable time and money.
  • When using iTero in conjunction with Invisalign, your digital impressions are directly sent to the laboratory resulting in faster turnaround time. The additional precision and attention to detail also shortens overall treatment time.
  • With this method, patients require less adjustments allowing them to attend shorter and less frequent check-ups over the course of the treatment.
  • The oral wand used at My Smile Orthodontics fits more comfortably in the mouth as compared to traditional impression materials providing our patients with more enjoyable time during their scanning process.

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