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Retention (Retainer)

Why do we need retainers?

Once you have achieved your perfect smile, Dr. Najirad will give you a set of retainers to help maintain the alignment of your teeth and ensure they do not move back or “relapse” into their original position. This is imperative in ensuring you do not have to wear braces again in future as it keeps your perfect teeth the way they are.  Your teeth will have a tendency to move and shift even years after orthodontics treatment. Therefore, it is important to continue to wear retainers throughout your life. We want your smile to last a lifetime which is why we encourage wearing a lifetime retainer.

At My Smile Orthodontics Dr. Najirad will provide you with the correct retainer for your teeth based on your jaw, bite, and tooth type.


Types of Retainers

From invisible to wire, retainers come in a variety of styles. There are multiple options to suit with varying, and appearances. Retainers fall into three basic categories: permanent and two types of removable styles.

  • Hawley-Type Retainers: removable, hard plastic retainers
  • Essix Retainers: removable, clear retainers that resemble Invisalign trays
  • Fixed/Permanent Retainers: customized wires bonded onto the backside (lingual) of the teeth

Lost / Broken your retainer?

No problem, you can rely on us for solving any breakages or wear and tear to them. Call us and we can quickly replace your lost retainer, often in the same-day with our in-house laboratory.

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