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How to take photos in home for

virtual consultation

Do you have a question from MySmile Orthodontics about your teeth that is difficult to describe in words?

Do you want to gather information and take an initial consultation these days that we all have to stay at home?

Please take some photos and fill the form at the bottom of the page, Don’t forget to upload your photos, or send them via email or Facebook, or Instagram direct message with your question to info@mysmileortho.ca@my.smile.ortho on Instagram and @my.smile.ortho on Facebook. All you need are 2 spoons (or just your fingers) and a buddy to take the photos for you. The following are the main types of photos that will be very useful in helping us to answer your question.

Just remember the following:
  • Wash your hands and use clean spoons
  • Make sure your flash is on
  • Try to capture just your mouth and teeth if possible
  • Relax your lips – don’t make them tense
  • Keep your teeth together! Bite on your back teeth during the photo

Front Photo

Pull both cheeks outwards and bite on your back teeth


Side Photo

Pull back on one side. Take your other spoon or your index and third fingers to keep lips apart, As the other side.


Upper Photo

Tilt your head back and pull cheeks/upper lips in the direction of the top of your head. Try to capture as much of the biting surface of your teeth as possible


Lower photo

Tilt your head down and pull cheeks/lower lips down towards your chin. Keep your tongue towards the back of your mouth. Try to capture as much of the biting surface of your teeth as possible


Fill this form and upload your photos using Browse buttons in the Form
Your are so close to your Dream Smile!

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