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Braces and Dental Implants!

Always a Great Experience at My Smiles

My Journey Has Been Great

Now I’m Smiling All the Time

Very Helpful Staff at My Smile Orthodontics!

A Welcome and Flexible Ortho Experience

Patient Can’t Stop Smiling

The Results Speak for Themselves

Beyond Excited!

A great experience with Dr. Najirad

A 10/10 Experience at My Smile

Excited to Get His Braces On!

Easy Invisalign Consultation with Dr. Najirad

Pain Free Braces for Teen

A Stress Free Braces Journey

Finally Got His Braces On

New Patient Feels Like a Kid in a Candy Store

A Great Environment For Her Ortho Journey

Excited to Start Her Orthodontic Journey!

Another Amazing Invisalign Experience!

Very Happy With His Invisalign Treatment!

2 Amazing Years of Treatment!

A Loyal Patient From Italy

Excited For Her Braces!

Patient’s Final Orthodontics Appointment

It Has Been Really Fun

A Great Invisalign Experience!

Patient Education made Simple

She Loves Her New Smile!

She Loves Her Smile

Two Thumbs Up for a Great Experience!

I Am So Happy with My Smile

Final Invisalign Appointment

New Invisalign Journey

Payam Azadi

A friend of mine recommended Dr. Najirad to me for my braces treatment and I highly recommend Her and his team to everyone. They are very professional and accommodating and they treated me like their family. I’ve had my braces for 7 months and I’ve already noticed a lot of change, thanks to dr. Zahra naji and her team. Totally would recommend!

Alim Bettencourt

My Smile ortho is a very clean and nice environment. As a patient, I currently have braces and have seen really fast and noticeable results! The overall atmosphere of the office is professional and friendly. Dr. Najirad is extremely knowledgeable and always asks spontaneous questions which makes you feel like more than just a patient. I will be posting another updated review once I get my braces off.

Arash Gooranorimi

My wife has visited Dr. Najirad many times to get her teeth aligned. Dr. Najirad was very professional, patient, and caring during all the visits. Her job was extraordinarily good which made my wife very happy. Her work ethic and attitude to patients demonstrate how much she cares about her patients. We were extremely happy with Dr. Najirad’s work and we recommend it to everyone we know.

S Sol

You will see the difference as soon as you meet Dr. Zahra. She is passionate, positive, and knowledgeable. She builds a good rapport with her patients and makes them feel comfortable and confident. I definitely recommend My Smile Orthodontics.

Maria Ghanaghounian

We had an emergency situation and My Smile staff and Doctors were very professional. Dr. Explained the situation thoroughly and even showed us pictures from the presentation she teaches at UFT. The fact that oral surgeons and orthodontists work in the same office is a huge plus. I highly recommend them.